For a while I were staring at how human beings use the phrase “Ooopps.” What a outstanding word “Ooopps” is. “Ooopps” seems to forgive all errors and accidents. When you use the word “Ooopps” all and sundry is aware of that some thing horrific has passed off, however whilst you operate the phrase “Ooopps” you sense as although you cannot be held accountable for what simply came about. Https://

For example, let’s say which you by accident splash water for your shirt when you are washing your palms. Normally the first component maximum people say while some thing occurs that we aren’t looking forward to is “Ooopps.” Based on the quantity of water splashed on our blouse, it will decide how “loud” we say “Ooopps.” If we splash just a little water on our shirts we may simply assume “Ooopps,” and if we splash quite a few water on our shirt we may yell “Ooopps.” There is an “Oooppps” threshold however, and it’s miles exceeded while the seriousness of the mistake forces us to exclaim a more severe, but often appropriate four letter word. Yet, in maximum of lifestyles’s little accidents and unforeseen mistakes and errors, “Ooopps” works.

“Ooopps” I forgot to feed the puppies.

“Ooopps” I left the water walking.

“Ooopps” I dropped the pan.

“Ooopps” I need to hurry.

“Ooopps” I failed to imply to try this.

“Ooopps” I am going to be late.

“Ooopps” I ripped my pants.

“Ooopps” that became a mistake.

“Ooopps” how did that happen?

“Ooopps” I forgot to pick up the youngsters.

“Ooopps” I overlooked my appointment.

And just like magic, all is OK again. When you assert “Ooopps” the mistake is forgiven and you’re now not accountable for what came about. In the moment it takes you to say “Ooopps,” the whole thing is back to ordinary. But some of us stay lifestyles thinking that “Ooopps” usually works for something goes wrong. The truth of the “Ooopps” depend is “Ooopps” simply does not repair all mistakes.

“Ooopps” I forgot to pay my taxes.

“Ooopps” there had been no guns of mass destruction.

“Ooopps” we shot the incorrect man or woman.

“Ooopps” I hit your automobile.

“Ooopps” I forgot to go to work.

“Ooopps” we elected the wrong man or woman for President.

“Ooopps” I forgot to dress this morning.

“Ooopps” I hit my wife.

“Ooopps” I shot and killed him.

“Ooopps” we bombed your house.

“Ooopps” our faculties are in actual monetary hassle.

“Ooopps” there are increasingly more terrible human beings.

“Ooopps” I hate my brother.

“Ooopps” I forgot approximately identical rights.

“Ooopps” I molested that child.

“Ooopps” we do not have sufficient fire combatants.

“Ooopps” we failed to assume they could surely fly airplanes into the dual towers.

“Ooopps” we robbed the social protection fund.

“Ooopps” we’re simply in debt.

“Ooopps” I thought all of us wanted democracy.

“Ooopps” I didn’t truely imply, “Bring it on.”

“Ooopps” I bet bombing a rustic won’t lead them to love us.

“Ooopps” we misplaced our freedom to choose.

“Ooopps” we gave up our civil rights.

“Ooopps” I forgot to position my youngsters in seat belts.

“Ooopps” there is no middle-class.

“Ooopps” there is no separation of church and nation.

“Ooopps” paying human beings minimum wage isn’t always enough.

“Ooopps” we have no more farmers.

“Ooopps” we have outsourced all our jobs.

“Ooopps” China is a international electricity.

“Ooopps” we paid professional reporters to destiny our political schedule.

“Ooopps” the stock market crashed.

“Ooopps” our cash is nugatory.

“Ooopps” our water is polluted.

“Ooopps” there is no more ozone.

“Ooopps” the rest of the arena hates us.

“Ooopps” the United Nations isn’t any extra.

“Ooopps” we wished as a minimum parties.

“Ooopps” wherein have all the forests long gone?

“Ooopps” we’re dropping a variety of our young fathers in conflict.

“Ooopps” our borders aren’t protected.

“Ooopps” the management lied to us.

“Ooopps” “Ooopps” “Ooopps” “Ooopps” “Ooopps”…

“Ooopps” does now not constantly make all matters proper once more. Sure “Ooopps” works now and again with some mistakes and mishaps, but in relation to maximum of lifestyles’s crucial errors “Ooopps” just does not paintings. There is another word that usually follows “Ooopps” and that is “SORRY.” You know like “Ooopps… Sorry I didn’t suggest to try this.” Or “Ooopps” I didn’t realize that. SORRY.” Perhaps there are too many “sorry” human beings using too many sorry “Oooppses” as an excuse for his or her actions. “Ooopps” does not make all matters OK again. We want greater useful THINKERS and much less functional “Oooppsers.” If we hold our heads in the sand lengthy sufficient… “Ooopps” will be all we are able to be left with. SORRY! Think approximately it.

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