This fall and winter season there is a new and lovely addition to the UGG Australia Classic collection – Argyle UGG Boots! These boots are a lovely knitted sweater style (with an argyle pattern) – they can be worn straight up the leg or pushed down for a “slouchy” appearance. Nothing short of gorgeous – extremely comfortable too.

Here is the color lineup for the Argyle Classic Boots from UGG Australia this year:Ā 

Charcoal Grey – This appears (coming into fall) to be the most popular color. They are a lovely warm dark shade of grey and will go with almost any outfit in a winter wardrobe.

Black – Classic look that again is quite versatile and will go with almost anything “winter-ish”.

Cream (Off White) – Normally “white” is not along my favorites in any type of footwear, but these are stunning. These lend a warm and romantic look to an ensemble – especially when going along with a soft, warm sweater.

Stout (Dark Brown) – This is one of the more popular colors among the UGG knit and crochet boots. Lovely deep shade of brown.

Fig (Dark Purple or Lavendar) – Here is a fun look for the argyle lineup – if you’re interested in adding a bit of a twist or colorful flair to a winter ensemble, this color would be a great choice.

On shopping for Argyle UGG Boots – If these are anything like the Cardy boots from UGG, they will fall into a “scarce” category during the winter months. Standard retail price for the Argyle boots is between $160 to $165 – if you’re shopping in the winter time and resources are running short, you may find that some (less than honest) websites or retailers might charge you more to take advantage of the shortage. Truth be known – there are almost always places to find these (and other UGG Australia boots) online for a fair price, no matter what time of year.

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