Likely your company is familiar with the concept of a project management system. Typically ascribed to a work breakdown structure (WBS) system that is implemented through a piece of software or a web based management system. These utilities are highly beneficial for companies that must organize workflow, streamline projects and increase productivity of employees. But is your company achieving the full use out of these programs? These days, these types of applications are integrated with the latest capabilities of the web that includes social networking and easy communication processes that allows the flow of ideas between all branches of the company during the creation of a project.

One feature to implement is the secure RSS feeds found on these systems. As you may know, an RSS feed is commonly found attached to browser windows or part of almost any piece of content on the web, almost as prevalent as the “Like” button. A project management system may also be integrated with such feeds, and by subscribing to one you can stay up-to-date with changes and developments throughout the course of the project. This can be combined with an activity feed that is similar to the feeds you may be familiar with in social networking tools. This is a great way to enhance overall communication levels.

A good project management system also allows easy communication between people through messaging and contact systems. While some companies rely on standard communication tools through services like Yahoo Messenger, it’s far more effective to consolidate online communication through your organizational system. This helps to keep employees on track with their project, and these services typically offer increased benefits, including the ability to add unlimited contacts, and without any pesky requirements like registration for a third party site or the creation of e-mail addresses unaffiliated with the company or its resources.

Finally, a project management system has the capability to be a one-stop resource of information for the company, through archiving project information into easily searchable functions. Through such a database, employees can get any information they need-and acquire it immediately. By learning how to make the most use out of your system, it’s possible to streamline workflow, enhance employee productivity, and consolidate resources without reliance on excessive amounts of outside programs. In addition, the modern online capabilities of these applications will increase communication across your company and provide benefits unheard of two decades ago before the advent Internet and Intranet technology in the workplace.

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