s it something out of a science fiction movie? Maybe it’s something we learned about in physics many years ago. Wasn’t there a popular show on television in the 80s-90s called Quantum Leap, maybe this is a remake? No, The Quantum Wealth System is the newest automated recruiting system to hit the market and it is causing a lot of buzz in the industry. quantumsystem.info¬†

The Quantum Wealth System is the brain child of two highly successful internet marketers named Daegan Smith and Michael Anderson. They wanted to build a system that could recruit on “autopilot” with minimal to no assistance needed from the user of the system. They researched and looked high and low at every successful system that was already in the market and wanted to incorporate a little of all these systems into their program. The Quantum Wealth System needed to be able to walk the prospect from point A to point B with minimal effort and very little chance of them leaving once they were in the funnel.

After reviewing the Quantum Wealth System for sometime now I could tell you that they have succeeding in bringing the system to life. The system is a well engineered recruiting masterpiece. The Quantum Wealth System does what it says it does. Recruits on it’s own without the intervention of the user of the system. The system contains a number of well written pages all which take the prospect by the hand and walk them through the funnel till they reach the end. Every page that the prospects passes gets them more and more excited to join you in your business. The Quantum Wealth System was designed to do just that, cause the prospect to be so excited as they were going through the funnel that at the very end, they had no choice but to join you in your business.

The system even comes with a back office full of other goodies for you to enjoy. The back office can be used to set up tracking links for your system, see the number of visitors to your funnel, write emails to your prospects etc. The system also comes with an ultra powerful email series that follows up with your prospects which serves to further teach them about the system and get them hungrier for more.

Personally, I could not wait for the system to go live to start using it. Being in the industry for sometime already I thought I had seen it all when it came to lead capture pages and recruiting systems but I was wrong. The Quantum Wealth System goes beyond anything I have ever seen before and I am sure you will say the same thing when you see it for yourself.

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